Industrial Communication

B2B marketing is the special discipline of a new industrial revolution.

We are currently experiencing one of the greatest economic upheaval processes through networking and the Internet. Customer behavior, communication and dialog between companies and customers are changing rapidly. Our customers have to use the potential of the new technologies and adapt their messages to customer communication. We help them assert themselves against their competitors and to firmly establish themselves in the field of B2B communication in the highly competitive B2B market, which is characterized by globalization.

Online Marketing

The B2B sector must also increasingly operate in the digital space. Ongoing digitalization offers a multitude of opportunities for marketers; for example, for the targeted communication of information and the implementation of data-driven marketing. The latter works as follows: Within marketing processes, data about the customer is collected and subsequently the appropriate content is sought. This process can be fully or semi-automated. The more data is known, the more valid is the prediction of the “next-best-offer”.

We use the following online marketing measures and tools for you:

Corporate website, social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine advertising (SEA: Search Engine Advertising) (SEO: Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, corporate blogs, YouTube, content marketing, whitepapers, webinars, advertorials, infographics, expert interviews.

Offline Marketing

Trade-specific public relations and trade fairs are still of great importance for industry marketing. Trade shows and exhibitions are the largest budget items in marketing departments, accounting for almost 40%. We advise our clients on strategic marketing and produce flyers, brochures and print advertisements for their companies. Of course, in the field of PR we also write professional articles and press releases or arrange interviews.